Interview with Beauty Spectrum!


Interview with Beauty Spectrum(YouTube)

Molly is a 16 year old YouTuber and Blogger who started out with making videos on her collab channel that she created with her friends, and later on creating her own channel ''Beauty Spectrum'' which is dedicated to beauty, fashion, makeup and vlogging.
1. Which video was the most fun to film?
Molly: My favourite main video to film was probably my GCSE results day video, just because I just feel like it was my most anticipated video! But the video that was most all round fun to put together was probably my 2015 lookback video, because it made me really nostalgic to watch back!

2. Do you have any YouTubers that you look up to?
Molly: YouTubers that I look up to have to be the obvious, Zoella, because if she isn't an inspiration to every beauty vlogger on this platform then you're probably doing something wrong. Hannah, as in Fabulous Hannah, because she will always inspire me for being the funniest, down to earth and possibly one of the most successful people I know that's my own age(or close enough). And Gabbie (VelvetGh0st), because the amount of respect I have for her given everything she's been through and still manages to slayyy everyone and everything. She gets so much un-necessary negativity and I don't really care what other people think of her, the couple of times I've met her and chatted she's been nothing but lovely.

3. Why did you start YouTube in the first place?
Molly: I started YouTube as a collab channel with my friends in 2013 just because I wanted something fun to do over summer, and once I began to realise I had an actual interest in it I started it up as an outlet for makeup creativity!

4. Any tips you would give to people on how to stay motivated with making YouTube Videos?
Molly: The  biggest tip I could give would be just to stick with it, if you think you're getting nowhere just stick to it and work through it because it will pick up, it's always going to be a challenge but isn't that just part of the fun!

5.To do with your YouTube, what has been your favourite moment of your journey so far?
Molly: That's weirdly an easier answer, when I (somehow) ended up with an invite to the benefit press launch back in April. That was the first time I'd mixed with other YouTubers and people on the same platform with the same interest, that was when I first realised that if I really want it badly enough, I can make this what I want of it. I stood with my friends on the Thames on a boat party and I just thought about how lucky I've got, and how thankful I am to every single person that's enable me to get there and honestly I don't think I've ever felt as happy as I felt that night.

6. Do you think YouTube has changed you as a person?
Molly: 100% yes, I'm more confident in myself now, and I care a lot of less of what people think about me now because I really just don't have time to let it get to me, otherwise everything would end up getting me down so it's just easier not to care. I've also made some of my best friends through doing this. Hannah and Alice, Liv and Eve etc. They've changed what I'm like as a person because I've surrounded myself with people that bring out the best of me and I love them for that.

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years, Molly?
Molly: 10 years time? I'll be nearly 27. That's a massive jump! Maybe with a degree? I'm not sure, I don't even know if I want to go to uni, I just know that my school would like me to. I'd love to still be doing YouTube, but I'm not sure YouTube will be a thing in 10 years time, and if it's not I just want to look back and know that I made the best of it while I could, who knows where it might end up, I just want to ride this wave as long as I can. I'd also love to maybe be married or at least be with someone, 10 years is a long time to be lonely hahaa.

Molly's Social Media:

Twitter: @beauty_spectrum
Instagram: @beauty_spectrum


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