Interview with Beckii Whiting!


Interview with Beckii Whiting(YouTuber)

Beckii Whiting is an english youtuber who uploades beauty, lifestyle and fashion videos onto her YouTube channel. 
1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Beckii: Having a job as a TV producer in London and being married to the person I love.

2. Do you think YouTube has changed you as a person?
Beckii: I guess, in some good ways. I learnt that not everybody is how they appear to seem in videos. I gained confidence and have made so many amazing friends!

3. If you could turn back time would you spend time doing YouTube or would you focus on something else?
Beckii: Honestly I think everything has happened for a reason. I didn't have a lot of friends at school and spent most weekends by myself anyway. Those weekends of talking to a camera has turned into something much better I guess haha!

4. Any tips on how to deal with YouTube hate?
Beckii: I laugh at the hate. I've gotten a few rude comments, but I don't take them to heart, They don't know me in real life, so who are they to judge? It's my opinion of myself that I care about the most.

5. What's your favourite video that you've uploaded onto your channel?
Beckii: Any collabs I have done! Eve, Yasmine, Ollie, Izzy and all the others! They are my favourite videos to film!

6. What's your favourite makeup brand & product?
Beckii: Depends! I love Nars Foundation and concealer, but I LIVEE for my Urban Decay eyeshadows!

7. Are you planning to carry on doing YouTube or do you want to quit at some point?
Beckii: I want to carry on because I really enjoy it! It's not something that I want to do full time. I do want to go to uni, and become a TV producer. I have no plans to stop creating videos though! xx

Beckii's Social Media:

Twitter: @beckiiwhiting
Instagram: @beckiiwhiting


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