Interview with Yasmine Summan!


Interview with Yasmine Summan(YouTuber)

Yasmine Summan creates video content on her YouTube channel which is named ''TheRandomExplorer''. You can find anything from tags, exploring vlogs to reactions of different bands on her channel. 

1. Who or what inspired you to start a channel of your own?
Yasmine: I feel like such an oldie saying this! But I've been around forever, probably watching since 2007. So, I had early inspirations from people like Shane Dawson, Danisnotonfire and Tomska. I would always watch their channel and think ''damn I'd love to do that!'' and here I am.

2. How did you feel when you reached 5,000 subscribers?
Yasmine: I almost screamed the house down! 100 subscribers blew my mind, five thousand people! That's more people than in my school! It may not mean a lot to others, but to me it means the world.

3. Is it strange meeting people who watch your videos?
Yasmine: Honestly it's so weird but amazingly weird. Personally I can't imagine anyone liking me, and on the computer screen it just seems like numbers. But recently when I attended Summer In The City 2016, I was overwhelmed by how many people actually knew me. I love meeting viewers! It's like seeing old friends, gives me a perspective of who actually watches me.

4. Are there any tips you would give to people wanting to make a YouTube channel?
Yasmine: Honestly, YouTube can be the best part of your life if you don't take it super serious. Don't look too much into views and subscribers, and don't see it as a business. Because then it becomes stressful and views will validate you as a person and in some cases, make you feel terrible. Just do it for fun! YouTube can be your escape from the serious, ''business'' and money orientated reality if you just have fun.

5. What's been your favourite video that's been uploaded to your channel?
Yasmine: Oh wow that's a good one! Gosh that's hard. I'm not sure I can pick a definite favourite, but I will always be proud of my adventure vlogs. They're a documentation of all the places I've been and it's nice to look back on them and remember the good times I had. 
Plus I think I have a unique style of ''travel/adventure'' vlogs and it makes me happy. Either that, or my ''why do we exist video''. I will say my eyebrows have improved massively since that video aha, but as someone more educationally advanced in philosophy, I love to look at that video and see how far I've come now with my outlook on life, and it's been played in schools! That's so weird haha.

6. What inpsired you to name your channel ''TheRandomExplorer''? 
Yasmine: Honestly, I was 13 and full of weird and cringey sayings, names etc. And thus, TheRandomExplorer was born.

7. Are you planning on carrying on YouTube or do you want to stop at some point?
Yasmine: I've discussed this with some of my YouTube friends, I love YouTube but I think it's more of a hobby than a career. I like to think of it like this: is it responsible to drop out education, have no future planned and put all your dependency on rent, food and survival on an unreliable source that could end tomorrow? I'll go along with YouTube and continue it unless something prevents that, however I'll also continue to do other things. I.e. UNI, a Job.

8. What does the future hold for you?
Yasmine: Who knows! I'd like to go to university and become a human rights activist and a journalist but the future is full of surpises. 

Yasmin's Social Media:

Twitter: @YasmineSumman
Instagram: @YasmineSumman
YouTube: www.


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